What is EasyFootprint?

Making sure that the types of products that I use are good for the planet is important to me. I discover and promote cool eco-friendly brands that will help you and me become incrementally more sustainable in our consumption decisions.

I am not #plasticfree or #zerowaste. These movements are awesome! But I found them too difficult to stick to and would feel terrible for giving up in the middle. Making smaller changes over time has been a more approachable option for changing my consumption behavior.

I am sick of seeing articles like this but feeling helpless to change it.

I Use Sustainable Products to Make a Difference!

Doing the research to find the best brands can be difficult, overwhelming, and time consuming. I research products to find swaps for things I am already using but that are better for the planet. This process doesn’t disrupt my day to day life much and is actually a lot of fun! Many of us making more sustainable product choices can have a big impact on the environment..

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

Defining sustainability is actually pretty difficult. There are many disagreements about which products or materials are “the best”.

But because my goal is to make my lifestyle incrementally more sustainable, I am just trying to figure out if a new product is better for the environment then one I am currently using.

Will this product help we be more sustainable then I am right now by doing one (or more) of these things.
1. Does it Reduce my consumption?
2. Is it Reusable?
3. Can I Recycle it? Is it made from Recycled materials?

Join Me in Becoming More Sustainable Step by Step!

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