Introducing My Worm Composting Bin

Hey guys today I want to talk about composting. More specifically vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is when you use worms to process your food scraps and turn them into usable nutrient rich soil. You can use it to enrich bad soil or create compost that you can add to deck plants, a vegetable garden, etc…

I started a worm bin because wanted to avoid sending additional food scraps to landfill. Food waste is an important contributor to greenhouse gases and this bin helps me mitigate some of that. This is also is a great way to grow more worms if you have a garden that you want to add directly into the garden beds.

Couple of Rules:

  1. Don’t add animal products! (the only exception is you can add egg shells if you microwave or boil them first to avoid illnesses.)
  2. Don’t add too much water. Usually the water from the veggies that I add is enough. Don’t need to add anything extra.
  3. Don’t bother the worms too much. You don’t like people digging around in your house. Neither do they.
  4. If your worms try to crawl out of the bin when you first put them in put a light on above the bin so that they burrow into the soil. (They are likely just getting used to the new environment.)

Buy Red Wigglers from Uncle Jim’s ! They do well in large numbers in a confined space like a composting bin.

Want to buy a bin? This is the one I use. It is big, but it services a family of four and a garden.

Here is how you build your own bin. It’s way cheaper and a great activity to do if stuck inside! Here is a good video to watch to get started.

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