Quick Tip: If you order from Amazon you should do this!

I always have a concern when thinking about purchasing something. When I make this purchase am I harming the planet? Inherently consumption of manufactured goods is harmful, since it takes energy and therefore carbon emissions to produce. This is why I try to avoid buying things when possible, better for my wallet and the planet.

But this isn’t always possible. (I am not living without shampoo, sorry.) Some products are necessary for our health, happiness, and general wellbeing. So, I try to find way to make the products I need or the way I purchase them more sustainable. This is where my next tip comes in!

Amazon has implemented a great new feature for prime members called Amazon Day. It allows you to choose a day of the week and have all your items delivered together on that day. Many of the things that I purchase from Amazon aren’t time sensitive. For example, I don’t need my new set of towels right this instant. I don’t mind waiting a couple of extra days if it means that it will reduce my environmental impact.

Using this feature helps the planet in 2 main ways. First, it reduces packaging by combining your orders over the course of the week. (This also saves you clean up from having to dispose of the extra boxes after you get your items.) Second, this system creates only one trip for trucks to your house instead of several trips. This reduces the amount of emissions that are produced getting these items to your doorstep.

Check out how to opt in for Amazon Day here. Thanks for helping the planet!

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