Sustainable Swaps for your July 4th BBQ!

I love a good Barbeque! Having a BBQ with family and friends on July 4th is absolutely one of my favorite memories from growing up. There are also a couple pretty standard items that are at every BBQ. If you are looking to make your July 4th more sustainable this year, try swapping out one of these items.  

  1. Burgers: Who doesn’t love a good burger? The advances that have been made in substitute meat over the last few years have been really incredible. Try swapping in some Impossible Burgers on the grill this year. I think you will be surprised by the results.  
  2. Beer: An ice cold beer on July 4th is an iconic part of this holiday. Instead of just picking up a case from a store, try picking up some beer in a growler from a local brewery. Reusing a growler is much better for the environment then single use cans and bottles. It’s also a great chance to try out some local brews!
  3. A (unhealthy) side dish: Pick any standard side for July 4th. Mac and cheese, potato salad, potato chips, etc. Eat watermelon instead. Watermelon is much healthier than many of the dishes we typically eat and is still a classic July 4th food. It also comes in its own biodegradable casing (you can compost the rinds).

I hope you have a good time trying out these swaps. You can tag me on social media @easyfootprint with any sustainable holiday swaps you want to share with the community. Happy July 4th!

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