App User Journey

In beginning to design our upcoming app, we’ve tried to map the shopping experience of our users, and identify pain points you all are experiencing as you try to choose more sustainable products and consumption behaviors. Here is what we believe to be the current user experience:

Based on consumer interviews, the largest pain points seem to come during these phases:

  • Initial Product Research. Product research can be exhausting. The responsibility is placed with the consumer to sift through seemingly endless and sometimes conflicting information to uncover the sustainability impact of each product they’re considering.
  • Comparing Available Products. This is a particularly difficult process for in-person shoppers as product offerings may be different than anticipated and there’s less access to on-the-spot online research.
  • Decision to Repurchase. This decision can involve both assessing the quality of the product you already purchased, but more importantly, assessing whether the decision you made previously made a positive sustainability impact. Inability to track progress can cause guilt or decision fatigue and lead users to not repeat sustainability behaviors. 

Our upcoming app will aim at solving these problems for our users. Are there other pain points in your shopping experience you want us to help with?

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