EasyFootprint User Testing

Testing our prototype with users like you has given us so many ideas! This week, we had the opportunity to watch users interact with some initial designs, and it gave us a few key insights: Customizable metrics. Different users want different levels of detail in the information we give them. Some wanted a simplified, singleContinue reading “EasyFootprint User Testing”

Accountabilibuddies: Other Habit Building Analogs

In tackling how best to design our app, we decided to look at how others are addressing the same problems. Most of the competitors we found in the sustainability industry aren’t information aggregators like we hope to be, so we had to get creative and think about adjacent industries that are trying to solve similarContinue reading “Accountabilibuddies: Other Habit Building Analogs”

Mo’ Green, Mo’ Problems

To assess alternative features and functionality for our app, this week we expanded the scope of our problem identification. We conducted further user interviews to understand what overarching problems our users are having in their sustainability journey outside of just issues in the buying process. Some further issues we identified include: Guilt and decision fatigue.Continue reading “Mo’ Green, Mo’ Problems”

App User Journey

In beginning to design our upcoming app, we’ve tried to map the shopping experience of our users, and identify pain points you all are experiencing as you try to choose more sustainable products and consumption behaviors. Here is what we believe to be the current user experience: Based on consumer interviews, the largest pain pointsContinue reading “App User Journey”

Prototyping So Many Ideas!

The team has decided to split up the app into different functionalities and test each one so see how consumers looking to purchase products react to the information we are providing. First, we are testing the product suggestion and recommendation function. We are trying to figure out how consumers like to find alternatives to theContinue reading “Prototyping So Many Ideas!”