Electric Vehicles – The environmental questions we should be asking

Editor’s note: This article was originally written on 3/17/2020. Given the dynamic environment we are living in right now, we are unsure what information might have changed since this article was written. However, there has been a lot of news about Tesla reopening its plant in California. Production of electric vehicles may soon be increasing.Continue reading “Electric Vehicles – The environmental questions we should be asking”

Quick Post: Eating Less Meat

One of my goals to reduce my overall carbon footprint this year is to eat less meat. I won’t lie. I grew up eating meat, so transitioning away has been tough. I want to share a tip I have been using to get more meals out of the bacon I have been eating. Save theContinue reading “Quick Post: Eating Less Meat”

Try the 365 Challenge! An Interview with Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

The 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge is a personal challenge to make one sustainable decision per day for 365 days. The idea is that if you make changes gradually you are more likely to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. I learned about this challenge over twitter and decided to interview its originator. I found the challenge veryContinue reading “Try the 365 Challenge! An Interview with Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten”

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Quick Post: Reuse Mini Makeup Containers

I have already noticed changes in the way that I am thinking and acting since starting this blog. Everytime I finish using a product it triggers a research process to find a more sustainable replacement. I am also being more responsible about what happens to my used items at the end of their lives TodayContinue reading “Quick Post: Reuse Mini Makeup Containers”

What is EasyFootprint?

Making sure that the types of products that I use are good for the planet is important to me. I discover and promote cool eco-friendly brands that will help you and me become incrementally more sustainable in our consumption decisions. I am not #plasticfree or #zerowaste. These movements are awesome! But I found them tooContinue reading “What is EasyFootprint?”