Learnings from a Zero Waste Period

Article by: Kshamta Bishnoi My transition to living a more sustainable life started a few years ago with a switch in my diet followed by a reduction in buying plastic wrapped goods and finally becoming more intentional in my choices when it came to health and lifestyle products. One change that I was very hesitantContinue reading “Learnings from a Zero Waste Period”

5 Swaps I am Making for a More Sustainable 2020!

I want to start of 2020 right by swapping my first set of sustainable products into my life/routine! I am currently working on reviews for each of these items. Look for those coming up soon! 1. KeepCup – Stop Using Disposable Cups I saw ads for the KeepCup on Instagram one day and thought whatContinue reading “5 Swaps I am Making for a More Sustainable 2020!”