EasyFootprint User Testing

Testing our prototype with users like you has given us so many ideas! This week, we had the opportunity to watch users interact with some initial designs, and it gave us a few key insights:

  1. Customizable metrics. Different users want different levels of detail in the information we give them. Some wanted a simplified, single score for each product suggestion, some wanted the breakdown of individual metrics like lbs of CO2 saved, number of cars removed from the road, etc. Some only wanted to track their metrics on a monthly level, some wanted weekly and even daily metrics. Bottom line: we need to enable users to customize the levels of information the app is providing. 
  2. Tangible Metrics. We found that consumers were having difficulty connecting with a lbs. of CO2 metric, and wanted more tangible metrics like trees saved, cars off the road, landfills emptied, etc. They also wanted some grounding in the other consumer averages to know how much better they were doing. 
  3. Pair down the scope. Through all of the helpful suggestions we’ve received, we’ve also realized that there are a lot of different directions an app could go in addressing sustainability issues. We could focus only on consumer behavior, we could focus on education, we could focus on holistic habit building. This has forced us to address the focus and scope of the app. 

If you have any key metrics that you would connect with or functionality you’d like use to focus on, let us know!

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